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Car Care Tips – Volume 7


7. Survival Kit (Of Sorts)

Everyone should have a space blanket in the car, tucked in the glove compartment or some other storage space in reach of the driver:

The most complete survival kit in the world won’t do a bit of good if you’re upside down in a car you can’t get out of and the kit’s in the trunk.

The shiny space blanket’s ability to keep you warm could be a lifesaver — and it takes up virtually no space and costs less than $10.

Next things we’d add:

  • Whistle
  • Plastic bag for gathering snow or water
  • Plumber’s candle & lighter
  • Single-edged razor blade (cut up your upholstery for insulation)
  • Empty metal soup can (for melting snow with the candle.

You can — and perhaps should — keep going (some people suggest packing a wordy novel). The more rural and remote your roads, the more you’ll want.

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