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I was referred to Travelers Body & Fender Works by my State Farm agent following a traffic accident in October that damaged the rear bumper of my Honda Accord. I wanted to tell you how pleased I was with this experience. Everyone with whom I spoke on the telephone or in person was very pleasant and helpful. Terry Fleck assisted with the initial estimate and stayed in touch during the entire process. He was extremely knowledgeable, professional, courteous, and very accommodating regarding my schedule. The repairs were flawless and completed on time and the car was immaculate, inside and out.

My dealings with other body shops through the years have been very disappointing. They and so many other businesses could learn a great deal about excellent customer service by observing the way your organization operates. I will definitely refer others to Travelers, and will certainly return int he future should the need arise.

Thank you for employing such an outstanding group of people. Please convey my appreciation to everyone who was involved in the repair of my vehicle.


She said they did a great job. The vehicle was ready a day early.


Margaret said the vehicle was ready early, it was very clean, the people were great, and the business was very organized and neat. She said she was out of state and the insurance company picked this business for her.


She said they did a great job. The vehicle was ready a day early.


She said the personnel were professional, courteous, and friendly. They were great. The experience was comfortable, especially because she’s retired and she has good insurance and a rental.


He said the business is good. When the vehicle was returned to him it looked like a brand new vehicle. He would not take his vehicle anywhere else for repairs.


She said the business has great customer service and did a good job on the repairs.


The quality of the body work was excellent. His vehicle was returned in a very clean condition. He was immensely satisfied with the courtesy and professionalism of the personnel. The appearance of the place of business was very nice. He would definitely recommend this business to others.


This business did a nice job. He said the representatives at this business couldn’t have been any nicer and he highly recommends this facility to others.


She said the business was good and everything went well. She does not have any complaints.


Said we did a great job!


Travelers Body & Fender had his vehicle finished earlier than what he was promised.


She said this business is very professional and always has her vehicle ready early. She said she has recommended this business to others in the past.


He took his vehicle in to have his vehicle detailed. He was very satisfied.


They did a very good job. He did not have any problems, and he cannot even tell that his vehicle had been damaged. He did not have any problems with the personnel and they treated him very well. He will go back to the business for any further repairs he might need.


He said everything went well. They did a good job. The vehicle was cleaner when it was returned to him than it was when it was taken in.


He’s known this business for over 20 years. The work is fantastic. He said they have worked on many projects together over the years.


Everything about the vehicle looks great. This was the cleanest business of its type he’s ever been in. He drives about 50 miles from Oakhurst for their good service. He heard about them on KMJ 580 AM radio. The next time he needs bodywork, he plans to go here.


She is very pleased with the good work they did.


Had a great experience and he would definitely recommend them.


Karen said the business is wonderful.


Larry said he has been doing business with this business for 40 years. They do a great job.


Gary said they did an over the top job and he would recommend this business to anyone that needed any work done. He also said he is a big supporter of this business and likes how they use modern ways to market.


Yolanda said the employees were great. They were very professional and she said she appreciates all they did. She would absolutely recommend this business to others.


Jeannette said everything was perfect at this business. She used this business twice before and keeps going back because they have good service.


Robert said everything went smoothly and the business went well over and beyond.


Tom said this business has great service.


He was 100 percent satisfied and it was wonderful. He’d had work done some time before and even though downtown Fresno is far away from him, this business did such a good job that first time, he wanted them to do the work. The gal that greeted him at the reception desk area did an outstanding job. She was very friendly, very outgoing and very helpful. Having a person like that, up front as his first contact with this business, was a very positive experience.


Sylvia said everyone at this business was really nice, and they did a good job.


Mike said he is absolutely satisfied with the quality of the body work. His vehicle was absolutely returned in a clean condition. The personnel did a good job. He has been to this business before and he wouldn’t go anywhere else. His family has been going to this business for years. This business did a good job and always does.


I just received a thank you letter from you, and I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated it! My brother (George Hansen) recommended your company, and now I know why! From the minute I walked in the door, until the time I left, EVERYONE in your company made me feel welcomed! It is nice to know that in this day and age, customer service still matters to some people! I hope you share this with everyone in your company, as they all deserve Kudos! And yes, I will be a customer for life!


This business provides excellent customer service and he has been a customer for over 60 years.


The quality of the work was excellent, when the repair was done they polished my car, and cleaned the inside. It looked as good as the day I bought the car when it was new. You could not even tell it had been in an accident after they repaired it. They were very timely, the work was finished on the exact day promised it would be done. I will recommend them to my friends and to any one who needs work done on their vehicles.


Christine said she was satisfied with everything this business did for her. They did a wonderful job on her vehicle. She said everything was perfect.


Cynthia said this business is the only place her husband will take his vehicle.


Darol said he’s been doing business with this facility for over 40 years and is happy with everything.


Gary mentioned they were nice people. He’s used them for over 20 years. Every time something happens to one of his vehicles, he goes straight here. They do a good, fast job. They are on top of it. This time, they matched the paint and the vehicle looks like it never had body damage. He would recommend them to anybody.


George said he has been to this business before and he has recommended it many times. He said he appreciates the courteous staff and the timely manner which this business always provides.


Spoke to Carl. He said everything was great. He said this business has been around for a long time. He uses them every time.


Spoke with Daniel. He said everything is good. He likes what this business did. This business does a good job. Also, he likes the ice cream this business provides.


Jacob said the personnel were good. The appearance of the facility was great.


Linda said they are great and they exceeded her expectations.


Monte said the business was an A plus.


Spoke with Ms. Grossen. She said the work looks great and the business looks nice and clean. She mentioned her husband always takes his vehicle to this business and they both continue to recommend them to their friends.


Rachel said the personnel are extremely nice people and they answered all of her questions. The work was done very well. She said she is quite comfortable with this business.


Rosario said she believed Allied Insurance told her to get an estimate at this business. She was very happy with the work, and everybody was really courteous.


I cannot express the pleasure we had doing business with you. Your staff was wonderfully helpful and friendly. The body renewal people did an excellent job too. Hopefully we may see you again soon, but not in the shop. Thanks again.


Sandy said they went above and beyond. They are very nice and she could not ask for anything more.